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Combine Harvester

Type: Vertical Cut Harvester
Application: Rice, Wheat, Soybean
Power Source: Diesel
Harvest method: Cutting
Drive Type: Gear Drive
Model 4LZ-4.0D
Type Self-propelled Whole-feeding
Dimension             (Operation) Length(mm) 4660
Width(mm) 2465
Height(mm) 3000
Weight(kg) 2300
Engine Type Inline, Watercool, Four-stroke, Direct Injection
Power(HP) 70
RPM(r/min) 2650
Fuel tank(L) 72
Gear Box Model Hydraulic Type with HST
Chassis Track(mm) 400*90*46
Track Center(mm) 1030
Ground Clearance(mm) 320
Harvesting Cutting Width(mm) 2000
Feeding Capacity (kg/s) 3.0
Cutting Bar Lift Hydraulic Control
Threshing Type Axial Flow Type with Beat Bars
Threshing Cylinder (mm) 550*1295
Filtrate Type Vibrating Sieves+ Centrifugal Fan
Discharging Side Grain Tank(0.4m^3) Manual Type
Work efficiency(ha./h) 0.25-0.47
Crops Rice, Wheat, Rapessed
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