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3-Rows Cotton Picker

Type: Horizontal Cut Harvester
Application: Cotton
Power Source: Diesel
Harvest method: Picking
Drive Type: Gear Drive
No Description Specifications
1 Model 4MZD-3
2 Structure type Self-propelled
3 Brake Type Disc Brake
4 Supporting power model specifications YCK11380-T401
5 Supporting power type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke
6 Supporting power rated power (kW) 279
7 Supporting power rated speed (r/min) 1900
8 Pure working hour productivity (hm2) 1.0
9 Overall dimensions in working condition (L×W×H) (mm) 9300X3800X4300
10 Dimensions in transportation state (L×W×H) (mm) 10590X3800X3950
11 Overall weight (kg) 18000
12 Bridge type Ordinary
13 Number of rows of cotton harvester (rows) 3
14 Cotton picking head structure type Horizontal drum
15 Number of cotton picking drums (pcs) 2 for each cotton picking head
16 Number of spindle pick-up tubes on each drum (pcs) 16(front roller) /12(rear roller)
17 The number of picking spindles on each picking seat tube (pcs) 20
18 The number of spindles picked on each cotton picking head (pcs) 560
19 Number of doffer trays (pcs) 40 for each cotton picking head
20 Fan model Centrifugal fan
21 flow rate of fan( m³) 9500
22 Wind pressure (total pressure)(Pa) 8643
23 Fan speed (r/min) 4330
24 Adapt to picking row spacing (mm) 762
25 Minimum boll height for picking (mm) 180
26 Number of cotton box compaction augers (pcs) 1
27 Maximum volume of cotton storage basket (m2) 6.3
28 Unloading method Horizontal scrolling
29 Front wheel specifications 460/85R38
30 Rear wheel specifications 420/85R30
31 Front wheel track (mm) 2286
32 Rear wheel track (mm) 2252
33 Wheelbase (mm) 3860
34 Width of compression chamber of packing device(mm) 2340
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